Accommodation packages

We are sold-out. Please, contact a travel agency to book your accommodation.


The following packages (x1 PAX) include:

1. Accommodation (5 nights)
2. Breakfast daily
3. Airport-hotel-airport transfer

Book Hotel NH Capri (*****)

Single room:                  2,249.00 CAD
Double room:                 1,388.00 CAD
Triple room:                   1,361.00 CAD

Book Hotel Tryp Habana Libre (****)

Single room:                  1,985.00 CAD
Double room:                 1,080.00 CAD
Triple room:                   1,060.00 CAD

Book Hotel H10 Panorama (****)

Single room:                  932.00 CAD
Double room:                 691.00 CAD

Book Hotel Vedado - St. Johnes (***)

Single room:                      650.00 CAD
Double room:                     484.00 CAD
Triple room:                       459.00 CAD

Book Hotel Colina (**)

Single room:                        450.00 CAD
Double room:                      384.00 CAD
Triple room:                         359.00 CAD


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be received in writing via email to within the two months of the purchase. A processing fee of 60 CAD will be charged for cancellations.

Refund requests received after two months of the purchase will be processed at a processing fee of 120 CAD.

A refund request cannot be accepted after March 25, 2017.

No refunds will be issued for no-shows.